Today I lost a poem

Today I lost a poem –
it might have gone down the drain in the shower
or alongside the dirty washing up water
Come to think of it, maybe it got thrown out
of my pocket along with old receipts…

There were some lines about longing
and England and the trees
and wondering where life is going
and whether calling myself a writer is suitable
or pretentious
or simply untrue
Because I don’t do it as often as I used to,
because the things I think about nowadays are hidden,
embarrassing even!
Because writing happened the most when I was unwell
and now that I’m better, is there anything left to say?

The poem might have escaped when I was busy at work
or maybe it just got tired of waiting.


8 thoughts on “Today I lost a poem

    1. Hey! Don’t know if I should be glad there’s someone else who feels the same – it’s a weird place to be. I keep writing things and then being afraid of sharing. Not cool. Hope it gets better with time!

      1. Yea, hope it does get better! I’m exactly the same. I tend to have many unfinished bits in drafts. Sometimes due to a genuine lack of inspiration, but often I’m overthinking how my audience might read it.

        Does it work? Does it flow? Am I making any sense? It might actually be that that seemingly ‘incomplete’ piece is enough a spark of inspiration for someone else.

      2. Maybe what seems incomplete is not so bad. All we can do in the end is offer a point of view/opinion/experience in our own words…and that doesn’t mean there’s no room for criticism or improvement but staying still for a long time might be more detrimental than a few ‘incomplete’ pieces. I have drafts all around, too xDD I think it might be time to just share and see what happens!

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